A Simple Quote That Everyone Should Remember


” Since the power of our technology is doubling every year now with no end in sight (at least over the next 50 years or so), our tools will be over a thousand times more powerful in only ten years.”



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  1. Wzrd1 says:

    True enough. 35 years ago, a one farad capacitor was the size of an industrial rubbish bin.
    Today, they fit on a circuit board and have a footprint about the width of a quarter and a bit thicker than a stick pen tall.
    35 years ago, if you dropped a PC on your foot, you needed to go to the hospital for orthopedic reconstruction. Today, I was putting the finishing touches on a two inch cube media station in my bedroom.

    I only have one plea for the inventors of today and tomorrow: PLEASE do not give us flying cars! People smash them up on the ground, it would be really ugly in the air.

    But, on a serious note, consider that there is a current X-prize offer for a real medical tricorder. Just think what a decade on will bring?

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