A Question that may lead to Immortality

This is for the Geneticists, Bio-Geeks, and the synthetic biology crowd. Recently I proposed a method to determine what RNA or mRNA cloned cells use to extend their telomeres. I haven’t gotten a any real response so I thought I would post the question here. 

The thought is simple, every time a cell is cloned its telomeres must be getting longer. Something in the egg cell is causing the extension of the telomeres.That something must be either telomerase or one or more pieces of mRMA. The fact that we have been able to clone 25 successive generations of mice, and make pluripotent stem cells via cloning seems to point to telomere extension. Recently a technique to sequence the RNA in individual cells was developed. 

Now the question – How difficult would it be to determine which mRNA fragments in egg cells are causing the telomere extension?


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