The Epic Failure Of SOPA And PIPA – And What Everyone Doesn’t Seem To Realize Yet

Several hundred years ago, the transit times of books and news was extremely long, information spread at a very slow rate. Centuries ago for like minded individuals to come together, for a conspiracies to form, or for people to come to a consensus, it took years.

That has changed. We live in a time when information and news spreads at an unbelievable rate. Now you do not need to wait six months for a letter to reach you. It doesn’t take 3 months to travel to conference to meet face to face. Now you turn on your cellphone and text, tweet, or hit you Facebook or Google+ page.

Due to modern communications, we are seeing an acceleration of consensus, and a shortening of the time it takes for systems to be attacked for corruption or being overbearing. This trend is accelerating at an amazing rate. People are slowly beginning to understand this is occurring. Most people currently believe it is only a “don’t touch our Internet” thing. Silly people …

ABC News –“PIPA / SOPA and the Online Tsunami: A First Draft of the Future”


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