Welcome to the Internet, Please, do not Poke the Hornets Nest

Welcome to the internet. If this is your first day here let me explain some rules to you.

There are two billion of us here and we all talk to each other. So, don’t be a dick. Don’t come here with an agenda, we will sniff it out and tell everyone.  It will not end up on the nightly news, but it will ruin your reputation. If you are here to spout talking points, we will ignore you. If you are here to astroturf a movement, push your political views, rally the masses towards your corporate agenda, feel free to try. No one will listen.

If you run a blog, allow everyone to comment, especially anonymously, and  do not require moderator approval to post. Censoring comments, and having rules on what can, and can’t be said doesn’t go over well here. People have reputations and will self moderate.

If you have a social media page, allow people to express themselves, and respond to their comments and concerns. The nature of the internet isn’t the same as broadcast news. People expect interaction online, if they do not get responses they do not return. Do not create false comments online to present the image of being followed. It will be found out and fail.

Allow people to have their say and express their views. If you look out for people, are righteous, enlightened, and truthful, they will believe and believe and follow. In this place, we are not watching TV, we are interacting.

Remember, there are two billion of us here, once you lose our trust, it can never be regained, and you will not be remembered kindly. Please, do not poke the hornets nest, we are in here.


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6 Responses to Welcome to the Internet, Please, do not Poke the Hornets Nest

  1. TAC says:

    They fear the idea that Anonymous comments will be done by people to stand against them, while at the same time they have a horde of AC commentators to push their point as being “organic”.
    One has to wonder what color the sky is in their world.

    • David Fuchs says:

      Gray with tinge of hypocrisy perhaps.

      • TAC says:

        Shall we propose an amendment to the Constitution to have them medicated until they are once again with us in reality?

        I might still just be a nym, but I’m pretty sure I am still more grounded in reality than them.

        First thing we do… kill all the lobbyists – to misquote the Bard.

        • David Fuchs says:

          Forget killing all the lobbyist.
          (following scene contains… creepy music, crazy eyes, and maniacal laugh).
          King Golbasto Momaren Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue, most mighty – Lets use mind control. Imagine The laws we could get passed. All eggs will have to be broken on the smaller end, or face the full force of the federal government. We will have won!

          Kidding aside. We need to prevent laws from being rushed through. We need to open up the law making process to prevent things like “Pass it then you will know whats in it”. Laws have to be single subject and must all have expiration dates. They must be reviewed to see if they are having the effect they were designed to. Laws need to be on public display for 6 months or more for comment, in their final form before being voted on. To vote a bill into law it needs to have better than just a majority, 80% vote sounds right, an a low threshold to vote it into nonexistence.

          We need the ability to recall any politician with less votes than were needed to get them elected.

          Basically, it has to be very hard to get laws passed, and easy to remove them. The same with politicians.

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