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Infinitely Expandable Computing Using Three Dimensional Configurable NAND Gates

Building With DNA bricks Recently an article on building with DNA bricks, reminded me of a concept I came up with over ten years ago, configurable 3 dimensional NAND gates. In the article¬†(slideshow) they discussed using single strand DNA, to … Continue reading

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Augmented Reality And A TV Studio In You Pocket

For a while now it has been obvious that the effects done by TV and movie studios would eventually make their way to cellphones and tablets. ¬†This year at CES many of the cellphones and tablets on display had built … Continue reading

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A Moment Of Peace, Great Image

After two weeks of setting up this blog and posting mainly interesting fluff. It is time to take a breather for the weekend and then do some real writing. Nanotechnology, 3D printing, Intellectual Property, Biology, Brain Computer Interfaces, Programming, Predictions … Continue reading

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