Category Archives: Power Generation – Transparent Cost Database has this wonderful resource for showing the costs of various energy technologies. The Transparent Cost Database covers Wind, Solar, Coal, Natural Gas, Geothermal, Hydro, Fuel Cell, Nuclear and shows cost projections out to the year 2050. All of … Continue reading

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The Large Scale Renewable Energy Industry Is Living On Borrowed Time

  Governments and corporations around the world are adding large scale renewable energy to the power grid. The installations of ¬†huge solar and wind farms is growing, taking up large swaths of land. These farms cost hundreds of millions of … Continue reading

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A Moment Of Peace, Great Image

After two weeks of setting up this blog and posting mainly interesting fluff. It is time to take a breather for the weekend and then do some real writing. Nanotechnology, 3D printing, Intellectual Property, Biology, Brain Computer Interfaces, Programming, Predictions … Continue reading

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