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Mass Proximity Indicator

Years back one of my favorite sci fi authors was A. Bertram Chandler. In his books there was a mythical device called a mass proximity indicator (MPI). As its name implies it can detect mass, and until recently this was not … Continue reading

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Spinning Galaxy

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Must Have Open Source Software

              Time for another installment of … must have open source programs. 7zip – zipping and unzipping utility. – Audacity – audio editor – Blender – 3D CGI and Audio Video editing – chrome – browser – Eclipse – … Continue reading

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Birth Of A Snowflake

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My Personal RSS Feeds For Import Into

Over the past year, people have asked me where I get all the stories and articles I post on Google Plus The answer is simple, a buko amount of RSS feeds. These are mainly science and technology, with news … Continue reading

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Freezing Bubble Animated Gif

  Bubble freezing at minus 10 degree Fahrenheit  

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C# Tutorial With Over 500 Videos

C# God Tutorial – Over 500 videos, encompassing pretty much everything in C# .NET. If you are a beginner or someone just wanting to brush up on C#, this set of videos has everything.  There is only one issue with … Continue reading

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Very Relaxing Train Animated Gif

  me on G+

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A Simple Quote That Everyone Should Remember

  ” Since the power of our technology is doubling every year now with no end in sight (at least over the next 50 years or so), our tools will be over a thousand times more powerful in only ten … Continue reading

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Best Darwin Gif Ever

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Bitcoin And The Failure of International Monetary Policy

 Germany has recognized bitcoin as “private money”. This is another step toward legitimizing it as a currency. This is not a good thing for world governments, as their power and financing comes from being the middlemen in all financial transactions. They … Continue reading

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Soothing And Scary All At Once

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A Question that may lead to Immortality

This is for the Geneticists, Bio-Geeks, and the synthetic biology crowd. Recently I proposed a method to determine what RNA or mRNA cloned cells use to extend their telomeres. I haven’t gotten a any real response so I thought I … Continue reading

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Yet Another Great Image

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Creating a Brain Computer Interface Headband Using S.Q.U.I.D.’s … NOT!

A SQUID’s (superconducting quantum interference device)  is an electronic system that uses a superconducting ring in which one or two small insulating layers have been inserted. This device based on the Josephson effect in the superconductor-insulator-superconductor sandwich. The flux quantization in the ring makes it extremely sensitive to … Continue reading

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Another great Image

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Infinitely Expandable Computing Using Three Dimensional Configurable NAND Gates

Building With DNA bricks Recently an article on building with DNA bricks, reminded me of a concept I came up with over ten years ago, configurable 3 dimensional NAND gates. In the article (slideshow) they discussed using single strand DNA, to … Continue reading

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Just An Image To Take Your Breath Away


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3D Printing Of Houses And The Collapse Of Housing Prices

It occurred to me recently that within the next three to seven years there is going to be another crash in the housing market. This time it will not be caused by banks being over leveraged, real estate speculation, or the ineptitude … Continue reading

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Great Image

Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment – Transparent Cost Database has this wonderful resource for showing the costs of various energy technologies. The Transparent Cost Database covers Wind, Solar, Coal, Natural Gas, Geothermal, Hydro, Fuel Cell, Nuclear and shows cost projections out to the year 2050. All of … Continue reading

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The Large Scale Renewable Energy Industry Is Living On Borrowed Time

  Governments and corporations around the world are adding large scale renewable energy to the power grid. The installations of  huge solar and wind farms is growing, taking up large swaths of land. These farms cost hundreds of millions of … Continue reading

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Chinese Tier-2 Photo Voltaic Modules Below $1/W

Just a quick note.  Prices for crystalline-silicon (c-Si) solar photovoltaic (PV) modules fell below the $1/W mark in January 2012

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The MPAA Is Again Trying To Exclude The Public From The Discussion On Copyright

After the protests and public outcry over SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA you would expect the MPAA to understand, it wasn’t just a few companies that were complaining, it was the biggest stake holder, the public. Now they are trying to … Continue reading

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The Content Industry And The Five Stages Of Grieving

For many people in the content industry its a way of life. The wheeling and dealing, the insider club, the exclusivity, once you get there you have a small group surrounding you. A group that you tend to stick with. … Continue reading

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